4 dancers, 3 live musicians, 1 light person/off-stage support and 1 rehearsal director


Both stage and site-specific performance


Hush is a psychological journey through a woman’s mind in accordance to her post-traumatic experiences of domestic violence. The piece portrays as to how the victim and the society around her is hushed by the incident. It makes an open criticism to those in the society who ignores the cries heard and yet fail to respond. It speaks up to the victim that it is important to stand up and speak against it. It also reminds the victim to move on in life and find happiness in oneself and thereby being independent. Hush draws its movement vocabulary from post- modern dance techniques taking its lineage from Indian forms like classical Kathak and Mayurbhanj Chhau. It uses more of “abhinaya” and elements related from the Indian Natyashastra. Hush also brings about the visual treat in terms of its stagecraft, light design and live singing. Hush is presented in four parts-the unclaimed voices, ignite, unwrap and shattered.


  • Concept & Choreography:Akancha Priyadarshini
  • Dramaturg: Sheela Raj, Vaishak M. Raj
  • Screenplay & Scripting: Vaishak M. Raj