the grandmother's story which ended in Sita going back to mother earth in serenity..whatever happened to Sita after that ? Did she ever come back? If she did what would she feel about the condition of nature now? I heard Sita explores through the the ideology of forest conservation and preservation in context to the epitome of nature -Sita and how the search for her leads one back to the forests.......


  • Direction & Choreography: Akancha Priyadarshini
  • Concept & Scripting: Vaishak M. Raj
  • DOP & Editing: Akancha Priyadarshini
  • Special Thanks: DFO, Core area, Palamu Tiger Reserve, Department of Forest, Environment and Climate change (Govt. of Jharkhand)
  • Special Thanks: Kumar Amit Singh
  • Sponsors<:br> NHF (Neo Human Foundation)
    AFNC (Adhikari Foundation of Nature Conservation)
    NCS (Nature Conservation Society)