When we talk about empowerment, it refers to means and ways designed to increase the degree of self-dependence and self-determination in people and society as a whole in order to enable them to act responsibly and in self-determined way to bring positive change. We want to encourage all individuals to become stronger and confident in the skills which gives them power to control one's life and profess one's rights. We provide non-technical skill development course and workshop and motivational speech which gives professional support and a sense of self-empowerment. Our endeavour will enable all the individuals to overcome their sense of incapibility and lack of guidance, and to recognize and use their inventiveness. We let the corporates and young leaders grow internally. We organise events like Yoga training, Self-boosting seminars. We also provide training in corporates, schools, and colleges. We organise summer training, winter training. The trainers have to focus on the quality factor which is the primary goal of Samvriddhi. We run special programs for physically disabled groups. The ultimate goal of Samvriddhi is to bring light which can remove the darkness from mind and heart of people. Having such aspiration in mind we are working in the society and we think we will be able to fulfil our goal.