Promotion and preservation of our cultural heritage in one of our prime focus. Documentation and visual presentation of our indigenous, folk and tribal artforms of India comes under Samvriddhi’s centre of attention. India is a place of where culture is diverse. Every state, every kind of society has different culture. Indian culture is known across the world. Even lot of people join from overseas only to entertain the cultural beauty. Our culture depicts the decorum of Indian beauty. Culture is not the innovative part, it is something we have been following since past. The more we follow the more we become culturally rich. We can simply say culture is cultivating land which has been borrowed times ago. Some of our artists shows Indian culture in some functions as well as train the young generation to adopt the culture. Samvriddhi targets to carry out the adopted culture in future so that the coming generation remember these heritage. We undertake projects for such documentation and presentation. We also work with several government ministry as well as private companies to pertain cultural heritage.