1 dancer, 1 light person / off-stage support and 1 rehearsal director


Stage performance


Concealed chimeras is a journey of darkness that conquers the mind of the clinically depressed. Bringing out the fact that the internal mental trauma is temporary and that real happiness and cure is there within us. It urges one to find the light within oneself and continue searching for what real happiness is meant and can lead to. It is also inspired from the Buddhist philosophy which explains that when pitch darkness surrounds you when no source of light is found you become the light and move forward. It also takes inspirations from Sylvia Plath’s poem “the mirror” which was written prior to her death due to depression. The presentation mode is abstract contemporary.

It derives its mode of presentation from modernizing the elements from ancient Indian texts that deals with art and visual art forms like the natyashastra and abhinayadharpana. It creates the visual spectacle using the Indian nuances in a contemporary manner. It brings together dance, theatre, mirror installation ,live singing, spoken word and a visual amalgamation of lights.


  • Concept ,Script & Choreography: Vaishak Raj
  • Performed by: Akancha Priyadarshini
  • Light design: Shree Ram Sankhla
  • Installation: Atia Sen
  • Costume, make-up and hair stylist: Pratiksha Priya
  • Space management and rehearsal coordinator: Kumar Amit Singh
  • Music compilation: Inder Jot Singh
  • Mentors: Jagadeeshan Nair Thiruvattur (Kathakali exponent,International Centre for Kathakali), Shubhi Johari
  • Produced by: Samvriddhi -Art, Culture and Empowerment