Samvriddhi works in the direction of promoting artists, both indigenous, Indian classical and contemporary, so that they can reach the audience easily. We curate and produce artforms of high excellence and promote it for various performances or workshops. We promote and produce in the following artforms:

  • Dance Productions
  • Short Films
  • Music (both Indian and contemporary instruments and vocal)
  • Visual Arts
  • Painting
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Theatre
  • Sculpting
  • Embroidery and Braiding
We would also organise workshops so that people can regularly engage themselves with the artform of their choice. We have so far worked with a couple of companies who provide us projects. Our successful team has helped us to grow in the market as budding start-up. Our mission is clear that we want to create the market of where ART gets its own privilege. Art is such a field where your inner feeling comes outside and attract the sight of audience. It can be said as one of the easiest as well as the toughest task. Easiest task is for them who have played well into that and toughest for them who are eager to attain that art. It is all about cultivating your talent. The more you focus, the more you dedicate, the more you achieve by the virtue of art. We have panel of artists who will perform in different events and cultural festivals across India as per requirement and we will undertake government tenders and projects related to performing arts. We hope that the plan with which we are working into this field will come to successful arena one day.